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Basic Graphology Level

Module I

  1. Understanding Graphology as a Science
  2. Learn how to collect a Right Handwriting Sample
  3. What Handwriting Can & Can’t tell
  4. Understanding Zones in Graphology
  5. Ink Colour Analysis in Graphology
  6. Choice of Writing Instrument
  7. Line Spacing Analysis
  8. Word Spacing Analysis
  9. Letter Spacing Analysis

Module II

  1. Margin Analysis in Handwriting
  2. Connectivity of Letters
  3. Handwriting Pressure
  4. Baseline in Graphology
  5. Handwriting Size Analysis
  6. Different Slants in Handwriting
  7. Analyzing English letters.
  8. Basics of Signature Analysis


  • Basic Graphology Level includes Module I & II.

Advanced Graphology Level

Module III

  1. In-depth Signature Analysis
  2. Doodles Interpretation
  3. Drawing Analysis
  4. Employment Aptitude for Recruitment purpose
  5. Detect Fear in a person’s handwriting
  6. Free Combination Drawing Test

Module IV

  1. Finer Details in Handwriting & Signature Analysis
  2. Level of Functioning Intelligence in Graphology
  3. Personality Test with Drawing Analysis
  4. Extra-Ordinary Peculiarities in Zones
  5. Handwriting Speed Analysis
  6. Do's & Don'ts of a Graphology Report


  • Advance Graphology Level includes Module III & IV.

Expert Graphology Level

Expert Graphology Level is the final level after Advanced Graphology and has 3 Specializations. Expert Graphology Level details are shared with the existing students of the Institute only. If you are new to Graphology subject, you can either apply for Basic Graphology Level only or you can apply for both, Basic & Advanced Graphology Levels with us.

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