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Blog posts August 2020

Graphology Tip #12

“If the handwriting slants to right (/) , then the writer is sympathetic and sociable and reacts strongly to emotional situations. In case of  Left-slanted writing (\), the writer is introverted, …

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Graphology Tip #11

“A person with light pressure writing (not much emotional or physical energy) and a left slant (tries to avoid emotional situations). This person will be emotionally withdrawn, cold, indifferent a…

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Graphology Tip #10

“A person with variable letter size is usually moody and unpredictable in nature.”

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Graphology Tip #9

“Very small handwriting is so small that it is very hard to read. It denotes an extremely introspective person. They are not very communicative in general life and thus, not apt to have any really…

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Graphology Tip #8

“Whether a person writes with the right or left hand, the traits revealed will be the same. Even people that have learned to write with their mouth or foot, due to amputations of their limbs, reve…

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Graphology Tip #7

“In handwriting analysis, one of the indicators of low self-esteem is a low t-bar. It indicates that the writer does not accept himself the way he is and instead of bringing out improvements, the …

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Graphology Tip #6

“In handwriting analysis, the tendency to make extra strokes indicates that the writer often gets lost in unnecessary and unimportant activities that will offer no returns on the amount of energy …

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Graphology Tip #5

“In Graphology, depression is seen when the baseline of handwriting slopes or the word at the end of a sentence suddenly drops.”

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Graphology Tip #4

“Graphology says, the presence of small case-first letter in a signature could cause a loss of self-confidence, and fill the writer with a feeling of worthlessness.”

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Graphology Tip #3

“Studies have shown that whether the writing instrument is held in the hand or the mouth, the crook of the arm or between the toes, the person’s handwriting retains his or her individualized chara…

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Graphology Tip # 2

“When an Educated writer writes the Capital letter I as ‘i’ (in small case), he/she shows modesty (no ego) or the writer sees himself very low, very small (inferiority complex).” 

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