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In Graphology, Handwriting is Brain-writing.

It is basically the brain expressing itself by hand. The handwriting of each and every person has a combination of hundreds of different symbols and strokes which mirror the writer’s emotions, desires, conflicts and personality. Neuropsychologists agree that the impulses for the act of writing begin in the frontal part of the brain. Messages are transmitted through the motor cortex, down through the spinal cord to the arm and hand muscles. The lines, curves, loops, dots and all strokes that result are a graphic record of the writer’s psychomotor impulses. Each individual’s handwriting is unique, a function of genetic inheritance and psychological and biological development. Writing can, therefore, be seen as a series of highly personal symbolic gestures that express the writer’s inner nature. Studies have shown that whether the writing instrument is held in the hand, the mouth or even between the toes, the person’s writing retains his individualised characteristics and therefore can be analysed accurately. Handwriting is as unique as fingerprints. As handwriting reflects the writer’s inner nature and responses to the environment, it is a recommended tool for the evaluation of the potential for wrong traits in the writer’s personality.

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