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Meher Patel- Teacher - 11th December, 2020

Just finished with the Basic level and eagerly waiting for the Advanced level to start. Varun is a wonderful coach and mentor to teach with fun and keeps the excitement of graphology alive throughout. I am very happy with the way Graphology has been presented to me... I want to learn all the skills that Varun has and I am sure he will guide me to learn.
Thank you.

Anuja Phenany - 1st year student - 24th November, 2020

I had a great experience learning graphology with Varun Sir. He is an amazing teacher, patient, and friendly.
I enjoyed the course throughout. :)

Teesa Shalini Victor - HR Manager - 23rd November, 2020

The session was enriching very well conducted by Mr. Varun. I must say you have been patient enough and have given a listening ear to the Q's put across.
Concept has been clearly explained and taught at a good pace. I am happy doing this course.

Rishika Agarwal - Student at Christ University, Bangalore - 3rd November, 2020

The class is full of enthusiasm and positive vibes. Varun Sir is a great mentor and I consider myself lucky to learn from such an educated man. Even though the mood of communication is through online means but it is not creating any hindrance in teaching. All the doubts are clearly within no time and I'm overall enjoying the class to the fullest.

Jyoti Shukla - Management Trainee in HONOHR - 17th October, 2020

I really enjoyed the course and it also feels like the right decision for taking Graphology training for you. It was informative & interesting. I'm excited to practice Graphology.
Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Akanksha Sinha - Financial Business Analysts in Valuefy Solutions Pvt Ltd - 22nd September, 2020

Overall it was great learning. Flexible, comfortable, and perfect for a working professional. Must do the course if you have an interest in Graphology and couldn’t do it due to time crunch. Best time, best teacher, and best institute.

Rituraj Jaipuriar - Chartered Accountant - 9th September, 2020

Excellent course with an amazing two-way conversation.  Also hats off to the subject knowledge of the professor!! No matter what the question is, there is always an answer worth going deeper into! It makes you realize how much more there is to Graphology in terms of human psychology and everyday usage. 

Sejal M - Teacher / Homemaker - 4th September, 2020

In this new era with all new technologies, we have stopped and forgotten how to write as we adopted the keyboards..  But how important and the vital role our own handwriting plays in our life... Have come to know after learning Graphology ..that also from an excellent trainer like Varun Sir. Had a wonderful and excellent experience learning from him... as he made it so easy and understandable with his mast examples...that writing is important but "CORRECT WRITING" is important...
Thanks a lot for the superb excellent unforgetful experience with such great positivity .. Looking forward for further association with so many other courses with you.

Prachii Tater - Content Writer - 31st August, 2020

A great teacher, perfect mentor and always there to help his students.
I never thought handwriting can reveal so many things about one’s individuality. Studying Graphology was an enriching experience.
Varun Sir was articulate in disseminating the subject matter . He is not only an experienced teacher but also a great guide.
I would like to express my gratitude and feel a deep desire to become like You one day.
Thank you sir for cooperating with me every now and then and making me understand the whole concept of Graphology in a fun and lively manner.

Stuti Srivastava - Self Employed - 26th August, 2020

Really appreciate the phenomenal learning and value addition during the course of Advanced Handwriting.  Learned to analyze the unbiased outline of distinguishable character traits based on handwriting samples. The printed study materials along with handwritten samples helped me a lot to understand the concept. The perfect ease and detail, with which you explain everything, is so commendable. Thanks, Varun ji, for the immense value addition sessions.

Poonam Lathi Maheshwari - Educator & Graphologist - 18th August, 2020

Hello Varun Sir,
It was a Wonderful Experience throughout the sessions. Your explanations for the related topics along with the examples were really amazing.
Happy to gain insights and knowledge from a mentor like you!!
Good Luck & Best Wishes

Dhruti Rohit Chheda - Student - SYBA , Jaihind College - 13th June, 2020

The session was amazing, the notes were detailed and interesting. Varun sir was very approachable and his teaching and examples made the concepts easy to understand.

Chayanikaa Pardeshii - Business Woman - 10th June, 2020

What a wonderful teacher you are :). I only came to learn Tarot reading but I ended up learning two more courses (Numerology and Graphology) as well.  Dream analysis is there as well,  I loved the way you teach your students, thank you for all your hard work and patience.
I also liked the time flexibility and the discounts available on courses.
During the lockdown, I learned so much from you and all 3 courses.
Time best utilized.

Vidushi Arora - Student at Jai Hind College - 10th June, 2020

The very first moment Varun sir conducted a seminar in our college, the course caught my attention and I was very keen to do it. Learning graphology from Varun sir has been a great experience as he makes the classes very interesting with his humour and wit. With his teaching style, he makes sure that the student learns and understands the concept in an interesting way. He always uses apt examples to explain the concept. Overall, the sessions were very fruitful and I am looking forward to joining other courses too.

Veerti Gada - College Student - 20th August, 2019

Varun Sir is an excellent trainer. In this course, I learnt numerous things. I learnt about the different handwritings, their meanings. It helps oneself to shape or rather bring changes in ourselves or our personality. It helped me know my positive and negative qualities. I enjoyed learning and will surely teach others as well as spread this concept as much as I can.
Thank you!

Shrushti Bhatt - Photographer - 07th August, 2019

It was fun learning from Varun Sir. He is a very gentleman, a very homely feeling.
I would definitely like to learn other things from him again and would recommend others too.
A very heartily thank you Sir!
Love from Gujarat.

Amrita Dalal – Self-Employed – 16th July, 2019

The course was very interesting. A lot of material to learn. The concepts were explained well. Doubts were solved. The trainer is very friendly and approachable. The trainer seems to have vast experience and is also very popular in media.
All in all it was a fun course.
Having printed notes is an added advantage.

Rashi Sheth – Student – 10th July, 2019

Graphology is a very interesting subject and my experience was made even more interesting by Varun Sir. I like the way Sir teaches in depth and shares his own experience. Definitely , my liking towards this subject has increased.
Thank You!

Paridhi Laddha – Student – 24th June, 2019

Learning with Varun Sir was a great experience. He is an amazing graphologist, but more than that he is a great person, extremely modest and warm. Learning with him was really fun and interactive. He keeps the class very light. Graphology as a course is great and fun. Thank you so much.
Varun Sir, it was delightful experience with you.

Fehmida Shaikh – Starbucks – 18th June, 2019

One among the best course I came across. Really enjoyed doing the course. I learned, discovered so many things, time passes like a flash.
Varun Sir is a very nice and excellent teacher. He knows his ways of teaching, always keeps you engaging.
You just keep wanting more and more, but never get enough of it.
Had a great time.

Vanshika Upadyay – Student – 26th May, 2019

Very interesting course and extremely interestingly taught.
Thank you so much for the time and patience!
Definitely plan to use this in the future and apply the changes suggested.
Hope to learn some more from you!

Tanishqa Khilnani – Teacher – 17th May, 2019

Excellent! experience of Learning with Varun Sir, Amazing personality. He makes sure that the concepts should be clear in the mind of the student. Wonderful experience.
Very soon I will also Join Expert Level.

Shivani Panditrao – Psychology student – 28th March, 2019

I am glad that I joined the course. I am extremely happy with the knowledge I am receiving. I have immense gratitude for Varun Sir. I wouldn’t have had a better teacher. He explained each point with different examples and practically showing me samples. He made tough portions easy for me to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every class without a moment of boredom. I am very happy with the notes as well. Well explained and in detailed description. Looking forward to the advance course as well.

Srishti Agarwal – Manager – 19th March, 2019

I loved the class. One on one classes were very good as I could ask a lot of questions and Sir always had a ready reply. It was great to learn from Sir as he has a lot of experience. I’m glad I’ll be doing Advanced course as well. The course is well-structured and I’m learning a lot.

Smit Singhvi – Student – 15th March, 2019

It was a wonderful and a very fascinating course. I learned a new and very simple way of analysing people through their handwriting. The notes provided were good enough to understand and interpret. The techniques used by Varun Sir were good to understand the idea behind the course. My experience with World School of Handwriting was wonderful. I can proudly say that, Mr. Varun is the biggest asset of the company. At last, I would consider each and every aspect of graphology and Varun Sir in making me understand such a passionate and emerging topic.

Munira Shakir – Wellness coach – 16th February, 2019

Loved doing the course about Danger signs. The way I should look at a sample has changed now. I have understood it at a much deeper level. Thank you Varun Sir for making it so easy to absorb such difficult signs. The examples he gave made it easier to absorb the subjects. Looking forward to come and do my next expert level in Relationships. Once again Thank you Varun Sir for making all the three days very comfortable.

Vanshika Upadhyaya – T. Y. BMS, student – 24th January, 2019

It was a great experience. Got to learn a lot. Varun Sir is great . All the best for TEDx talk and World School of Handwriting. Thank you so much!

Namrata Dhengale – Student of World School of Handwriting – 17th January, 2019

This was one of the best experiences I had with a teacher. What I learnt and how I learnt both have been very exciting. Graphology has made me more positive and aware. I am very thankful for everything.
Looking forward to learn more in advance.

Hemant Desai – Asst. Manager – HR – 12th January, 2019

As I have mentioned above the Graphology course for which I have subscribed for, my teacher is / was Varun Rupani. The course content is found to be enriching and complete in all sense. In terms of delivery and teaching of Varun has been excellent.  Not only he takes time to make the content understood by giving the relevant examples but the energy with which he does the teaching / coaching is excellent. I am very happy to share this feedback and if tomorrow I require to recommend, I would without any doubt. Will recommend this course specially with Varun as a Teacher.
Thank you Varun for the Knowledge and Experiences shared by you.

Rachana Nisar – 24th December, 2018

Honestly speaking I don’t have any words to speak of this course and the trainer Varun Sir. This course is just an amazing one. I was very curious to learn this course and after learning this course I am just very happy. The thing which made me happy and fall in love with the course is Varun Sir. He is a wonderful teacher to learn from. So calm and patient. He explains things so well. Didn’t even come to know when the course started and ended. Wish there were more turns for this level. I’m so sure I’m gonna suggest to people to go for this course. Because there is so much to learn and so many things we actually come through handwriting. By learning from Sir, the way he explained things so easily and logically and how can handwriting improve our personality has just kept me stunned. I would really thank Varun Sir for teaching this course to me and spending his precious time and coming and teaching me. Really means a lot. I would always say if any one wishes to learn Graphology learn from Varun Sir. Because he is an amazing teacher to learn from. Had a wonderful time learning this basic level and now wishing and eagerly waiting for the advance level to start. Thanks a lot for everything.

Samruddhi S. Salvi – Intern for Ernst & Young – 08th December, 2018

It was a new learning experience to know about yourself as well as so many people that you come across. Learning is quite fun and interesting purely based on logics. Looking forward to practice and implement the proper way of writing. Very helpful and fun sessions. Great learning it from Varun Sir. Thank you. Looking forward to learn something new.

Muskaan S. Jagirdar – Student, K.J. Somaiya – 05th December, 2018

When I first started graphology, I was very nervous thinking if it would be easy or not. Varun Sir was my mentor, he made me feel very comfortable and assured me that it would be fun and easy at the same time. He makes the environment very friendly and he’s also a very open-minded person. The lectures aren’t boring, they’re very interactive. For anyone who’s  interested in learning graphology I suggest you to join the ‘World School of Handwriting’.

Marlene Dsouna – Housewife – 26th November, 2018

This was a very interesting course, learned a lot about self. Varun is a very good teacher and very knowledgeable. Glad I’ve done this course and will definitely recommend to people who show interest or belief in something like this.
Looking forward to doing the other levels in graphology with Varun.

Ajita Patil – Teacher – 02nd July, 2018

It was a great pleasure to experience such an amazing learning sessions under the guidance of Varun Sir! He is indeed a very motivating, encouraging, intelligent teacher. His awesome skill of making the complex topics simple and interesting made all the lectures very lively. Advance level of graphology needs lots of focus, attention and detailed concentration which is bit difficult at times to maintain. But Varun Sir made it possible for me to maintain my interest and focus on learning each bit of graphology to its best level with his unique way of teaching. Thank you so much sir!

Ajita Patil – Teacher – 22nd June, 2018

It was indeed a great experience of studying graphology especially with the very talented, experienced trainer – Varun Sir! He is a very good trainer, fully loaded with positive energy that keeps the student motivated, focused and learn to the best of his/her ability.
I would like to thank Varun Sir for all the knowledge that he has given me and also for the guidance along with the positivity that made the teaching-learning experience so much effective and memorable.

Ashmitha Joseph - Student (BA Psychology) St. Xavier’s College Mumbai - 03rd May, 2018

Firstly I have to say that the experience was very much better than what I had expected. A lot of freedom was given to clear doubts and to ask questions. I’m really glad for and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be back for some other courses soon.

Mrs. Patrawala - Housewife - 25th April, 2018

It was a lovely experience doing the course that had so many aspects that came to be known about one’s individual. The matter was thought very clear and were well introduced. All doubts were very well cleared by the trainer giving examples towards each topic.
Looking forward to doing the advanced level and many more courses.

Murale Chemmarasseri - Head of Sales - MEA and Asia Pacific (Pal International Limited, Dubai) - 22nd April, 2018

I had aspired to learn Numerology ever since I had developed a liking towards the subject and I’m glad that I could do the course from Globus Talent and more happy to have learned it from Varun Sir. He is a great teacher and a powerful speaker too as it can be sensed by the words he uses and the way he relates to different topics to make numerology understood from a layman’s perspective. A very seasoned teacher and I would say without any doubt if he would not have been a teacher, he would still be a great teacher as he is destined to be a teacher.

Kanchi P. Mehta - Student of NM College - 12th April, 2018

The course is really helpful and good.
If you love and want to understand people, then this course is for you.
Varun Sir is just amazing.
He is a friendly and chilled out kind of a person.
He is one of the best teachers I have ever met.

Rishika Murarka - Student of Champions IIT Academy - 12th April, 2018

Basic Graphology course was just amazing. It was a truly new experience for me. Varun Sir has made this course even more interesting and fun! Thank you so much Varun Sir for teaching me this course so well! This course will definitely help me in my future for knowing different people. It was an immense pleasure learning this course!

Mitali Sakpal - Assistant Manager (Bombay Stock Exchange) - 16th April, 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Varun Sir’s guidance is very valuable and understandable. It was really fruitful and great course especially Varun Sir’s dedication towards teaching and making it easy to understand and implement the concepts while doing the analysis.

Mridula A. Nair - Student - 05th April, 2018

I loved studying graphology with Varun Sir. Sir encouraged me very much, cleared my doubts. I still remember my excitement for the first lecture, where I totally amazed to see Sir’s level of excitement to teach. Varun Sir has been a great teacher, he has an inspiring drive to learn more and develop more his field. I would definitely recommend this course to all of you out there. I could look forward to more courses.

Hemlata Saraf - Student - 17th March, 2018

I always wanted to do a course in graphology and finally being able to complete it in just 4 days gives me great pleasure. It was an interesting course and I would definitely want to go for an advanced course as well. Varun Sir is great. All his examples, his mode of teaching and the friendly attitude with which he teaches is really comfortable and helps one to open up quite well. Classes were amazing because in such a short span I learned several things which would really help me in my future. Even while filling this form, I’m trying to improve certain letters consciously.
Thank You Sir!!

Tasneem. K. J. - Freelancer designer + homemaker - 07th March, 2018

Always wanted to do something out of the box. Didn’t know Graphology would be so interesting. No doubt the subject is very interesting, but this was only possible because of expert teaching. He (Varun Sir) made the subject very easy to get into our heads.
No classroom feeling but very warm behavior and Sir inculcated his love for this subject in our bloodstream.
I hate to study, I dislike studying but I like to learn but I like to learn. Graphology with Varun Sir has made me learn a lot about alphabets and their meanings. “Ready for More Learning Experience”!

Yasmeen. J. - Teacher + Homemaker - 07th March, 2018

Never had heard about Graphology, once after hearing about it was keen on learning about it, had a wonderful experience for me it was something out of the box.
Varun Sir is amazing, in such a young age doing something different is quite credible. A good person, learning and sharing each other’s experience was wonderful. Hope to go a long way with this course and looking forward to learn new more things in Graphology. An unforgettable experience with a lot of positivity.

Radhika Chudasama - Chartered Accountant - 26th Feb,2018

I always had that zeal to learn Graphology and I consider myself fortunate enough to have studied it from Varun Sir. I still remember my excitement for the first lecture, where I was totally amazed to see Sir’s level of excitement to teach :) I had enrolled for basic and advanced graphology course and to sum up my experience, I would say it was FANTASTIC & UNFORGETTABLE. Learning with Varun Sir was made very easy with his way of teaching and explaining. To those who are interested in learning this wonderful science, I would 100% recommend enrolling for graphology course offered by The World School of Handwriting.


Zahra Hamdulay - Student (NSS Hill Spring International School) - 30th June, 2017

At first, I was unsure as to whether I would be able to cope with the level of learning, however, this course has been extremely organized, easy to understand and engaging. This has opened up an entirely new world to me. I don't think I will ever be able to look at another piece of handwriting without analyzing it. A unique science, completely worth learning and definitely useful in daily life.

Varun Sir has been a great teacher, he has an inspiring drive to learn more and develop more in his field. Very comfortable learning with him, experienced, explains concepts with flair.

I would definitely recommend this course to all of you out there, so that together we may bring importance to this science in India :)

Hiya Bagadia - Student of Psychology - 23rd May, 2017

One of the best experiences and course I have ever done. Varun Sir is one of the best trainers I have ever met. He is friendly, loving and the best person from whom one should learn graphology. This course is very much helpful as well as interesting. It helps us to know people's intentions and nature, which is very important in this two-faced world. I believe if one wants to do graphology in a right and interesting manner, you should join the World School of Handwriting. The best institute for learning graphology.

Bhavi R. Doshi - Student of Psychology at Jai Hind - 23rd May, 2017

An amazing experience in the basic graphology course. Got to learn more about myself. Being a psychology student, I learned more about how do the people around me think. I came to know more about my family and friends which I was unable to know in so many years. Learning something new is always fun and so was this. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer and I look forward to learning more courses.

Krina Shah - Student of Psychology - 17th May, 2017

Graphology course helped me a lot to know people verbally. I'm glad that I did this as it is an added advantage for students like me who are into psychology. I felt that graphology is difficult at the first place but then Varun Sir made it easy and it is so interesting. Things also became easy when you start to like them.

Oves Khan - Doctor - 02nd January, 2017

My trainer was Varun Sir, the most renowned name in the field of Graphology. I loved learning the course from someone who is knowledgeable in his field.
I used to ask him a lot of questions, some were very amateurish but he took time explaining me even those.
It’s an amazing course and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer.
Thank you. 

Lajja Sureka - General Manager - Digital Mktg, CRM and Alliances - 31st December, 2016

I found the content of the course very easy to understand and very logical. However, the icing on the cake was definitely my trainer – Varun Sir. He made the entire learning ‘very interesting’ and easy to remember. I loved the stories and analogies that came along. The teaching style as very easy and crisp. I could very well relate to whatever he came up as examples. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would love to continue the advance level as well.
Thank you so much!

Jessica Maria Philip - Automation Tester - 27th December, 2016

Course – Very comprehensive. Would always recommend both the Basic and Advanced together since the advanced cements what is learnt in the Basic. Study material is very good. 
Globus Talent Team – They are very professional and accommodating. I had requested a fast-track course for basic and advanced for which they readily agreed and accommodated. Notifications are timely and written professionally.
Varun Sir – Superb trainer. Very patient and his years of knowledge speaks for himself. He is quick (you can guess that from his handwriting too:)). This course is a total bang for your buck!

Dr.Shruthi Shridhar - M.D. (Hom) - 10th September, 2016

It has been a wonderful experience learning Graphology from Varun Sir. Finally my passion has fulfilled and a new tool added to my profession in serving mankind. Graphology is definitely a science, and not merely an art or magic as thought by many. I could correlate with my homeopathic knowledge and got to learn many different things about the human mind. Varun Sir is a great teacher, fun loving and eager to teach a lot in a very lively manner.

Thank You Varun Sir.

Nirmala Shridhar - Bank Manager - 10th September, 2016

Graphology is a subject that has been very curious subject to learn. Now that I got the opportunity to learn it, I have taken the real effort to learn it by coming to the class regularly. I have also learnt a lot of things about graphology. We got to the insights of a person and also can change the habits to a positive side. the trainer was very positive and taught us with a lot of enthusiasm and also covered the syllabus very well.

Hope to really put to use the knowledge gained.

Bela Gupta - Prop. of Raishree (Delhi) - 03rd September, 2016

My experience for the course is excellent. Specially, Varun Sir, he is an amazing and excellent trainer and as a person also. I would like to do other courses also but I will do other courses only through Varun Sir. He explains in such a simple way that one can easily understand.

Bhavika Sharma - Teacher of Brain development and reading programmes - 28th August, 2016

The experience is awesome. The way the course was taught was interesting and fun and even a kind of stress buster. I would look forward for the session. It is really a blessing to be taught by Varun Sir. It was an amazing course covering all topics so easily. The things were made so easy and were so much simplified that memorizing them and using them becomes much more easier. Thanks a lot for all the support and excellent sessions.

Siddhi Khabia - Student of Somaiya College aspiring C.S.

A whole new experience and lookout about handwriting. For me, handwriting, is no more just about reading and transferring knowledge or ideas but also now ANALYSING a writer’s behaviour! 

My trainer i.e. VARUN SIR is amazing, extremely kind, and great to learn graphology with him. I wish him all luck and success relating to graphology and even I desire to look graphology as a career and not just as a hobby or course. Hope me be in touch! Thank you so much.

Vidhi M Kalantri - Student of Medical - 06th August, 2016

My trainer was Varun Sir. Learning this course was extremely fun. Sir is very cooperative, fun-loving, extremely full of knowledge. My interest has grown to another level and I wait to become one of the graphologist in town.

My experience was amazing and I hope World School of Handwriting keeps up the same spirit to nurture the young minds and help them to become future graphologists.

Harvinder - Homemaker - 02nd August, 2016

The tutor was excellent. Wonderful in teaching. As for the course a very informative, great course. Varun Sir is an excellent teacher and even more friendly, interactive person.

Meera JM - Student SIES College - 14th July, 2016

This course has definitely made me a better person. It gave me power to accept my negatives and cherish my positives. It has also given me a clear idea of balancing between personal self and social self. It is sort of cherry on top for my psychology. Varun Sir has created a friendly atmosphere that help us study well and also has helped to take criticisms positively.
I would look forward to do more of such courses in the coming future.

Ms. Ami Bhuta - Teacher - 08th July, 2016

I would like to utilize this opportunity to extend my heart felt gratitude towards Varun Sir for his unrelenting guidance and support rendered over the course. Sir you are a torch bearer in the field of Graphology and your expertise has enhanced my knowledge base in the same.
You have helped me reach the zenith of handwriting and signature analysis by opening up a plethora of knowledge.
Thank you sir once again for being a fabulous mentor.

Dipa Waghela - SAP Consultant - Capgemini - 05th June, 2016

Varun Sir is the best trainer in Graphology. 
He will ensure you get the time as per your convenience. 
His teaching method is very good.
Friendly teacher who is very hard to find.
Ensures you understand the concept very well.
I am looking forward to learn more courses from Varun Sir. Thank you! :)

Vanya Binani - Student of Symbiosis, Pune, 02nd June, 2016

Mr. Varun Rupani has been really helpful and patient with me while explaining me all the concepts. He makes the lecture interesting and tries to support everything with a live example to make it simple for understanding and relating to things. I got to learn a lot new things. My experience was great and it was beyond my expectations. Overall the program was fruitful and not a waste of time unlike of what people would think of it as.
Thank you for all the support.

Sneha Chandiramani - Student of Architecture from Raheja College - 12th May, 2016

I joined the class because of my pushy parents but in return learnt a lot. I did not really expect myself to enjoy it to that extent, and honestly did not believe in it much. But over the course of the class, I gained a lot of knowledge and am eagerly waiting for the Advance course. It was a very fun loving way of learning such a tough course. I hope to see myself doing something with this knowledge in the future. 

Tanvi Teckchandani - Student of Medicine - 12th May, 2016

It was an amazing experience to learn graphology from Varun Sir. Nice and interactive classes. Overall it was a very nice class and a right decision to join graphology.

Krushi J. Chhadwa - Student of SIES college, BMM - 9th May, 2016.

The course is just amazing. It helps us know ourselves even more better. After attending the first lecture itself I understood it's going to be really interesting. The trainer is really good. A very chilled out person. You can always clear your doubts without hesitating. So that's really good! Eagerly waiting to start up with the Advance level so that I can learn even more about the course. 
The course is just worth it! 

Diandra Pereira - Student of SYBA, Mithibai - 4th May, 2016

Graphology is an interesting topic, Varun Sir made learning fun and easy. All in all it was a great experience and a chance to try out something new and interesting. 

Meetha B. Chitaliaa - Crystal Predictor, Tarot, Reiki Master - 23rd April, 2016

For graphology I can say it was a wonderful experience with specially Sir 'Varun'. The atmosphere was nice, friendly, had a homely feel and was top most comfortable. 
A lovely approach towards the opposite person which is the real fun of life and Varun Sir has got that. May God bless you 'Sir Varun'."

Neha Joshi - Homemaker - 15th March, 2016.

Completed the fourth session of basic level of graphology today. Had a nice exo learning with Varun Sir. Got to know more about myself through this course. Varun Sir made things easy to understand by giving good examples. Happy to complete the basic level and looking forward to start with the advanced level soon.

Munira Shakir - Wellness Counselor - 1st March, 2016

I Munira Shakir from Hyderabad is very happy to finish my course of graphology at Globus Talent. Mr. Varun has been very enthusiastic in teaching me about the subject. I appreciate the ways he took care of me regarding the subject and hospitality. I felt warm and comfortable learning with him. Looking forward to doing three more courses with him. I am proud of Globus Talent and wish them all the luck for the future projects. Keep doing the good work and thank you very much.

Prachi Thakur - Volunteer at Teach India - 23rd February, 2016.

I have had a great experience learning level I and II of Graphology. It has given me an insight of what kind of a person I am. I look forward to practising this and also to learning the Advance levels next month. Thank you Varun Sir and the team at Globus Talent for this amazing class. You are truly knowledgeable and know what you are about to teach!

Silna Nair - Student, TYBMS, D.G. Ruparel - 10th February, 2016.

At the end of the basic level what I understand is that graphology isn't a magic but an art that can be learnt and practised. I must say that the complete essence if this course wouldn't be so much interesting if not with this amazing epitome of knowledge and enthusiasm, Varun Sir! The pattern followed is simple and easily understandable, though it be the teaching or the notes. The course is much more fun because it's totally logical and has the potential to unleash a lot of areas in personal and corporate world. Thank you for the beautiful journey this far, looking forward to learn more with the Advance level.

Varsha Agarwal - Homemaker - 28th January, 2016.

It was an amazing experience learning the science behind handwriting and how it is related to our personality. Varun Sir was very good. He was very friendly and gave lot of examples. Looking forward to the Advance course.

Smitha Achary - Architect - 21st January, 2016.

Let me begin by thanking Varun Sir for enrolling me into graphology. It was truly amazing. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The course was conducted in a smooth way and it went in a flow. Very good tips shared by Varun Sir to memorise the points. The best part I can understand myself much better. Thanks to Globus Talent team for sharing this knowledge with many lives  Good luck!! Keep the good work going.

Siddhi S. Kanhere - HR, Podar Education and Network - 17th January, 2016.

The basic graphology course was fantastic. Mr. Varun Sir is an excellent trainer. I like his training method a lot. As a trainer, he was making me understand the concepts of graphology by giving live example. I think, only excellent trainer can train in such a way.
I like the course content.
In short, I found that I am getting training under right person and in right institute.
If anybody asks me about the graphology institute then I would surely recommend him/her to this institute as it's very much dedicated to graphology. 
The overall experience was fantastic.

Bhumi Sompura - Student of Mumbai University - 08th January, 2016

I always wanted to learn graphology. Learning graphology from Globus Talent is an amazing experience. Varun Sir is really very friendly and always enthusiastic - always ready to give the best solution for all the problems and doubts. I think there could be no better institute than Globus Talent for gaining knowledge.

Dr. Anil Shivanandan - Doctor B.Sc., M.B.B.S., M.S., RCGP(UK), Chairman (Medical Comple) - 07th January, 2016

Made the course so easy and interesting which is beyond my imagination.
Thanks to the team and specially Varun Sir.

Robin Thomas - Project Executive - Mktg & Client Service at MRVL - 16th December, 2015

Basics in Graphology has been very insightful. It has created a strong basic foundation in my understanding on graphology or handwriting analysis. It has created an interest in me to learn about the advanced course in graphology.The trainer (Varun Sir) has been very patient in teaching the course, giving many examples, answering my queries, sharing his experience, and even suggesting or guiding me about my next step after this course. It has been very fruitful learning this course and learning from him.

Ms. Pinky Das - Artist / Teacher - Little Brush - 18th November,2015

Hi, This is Pinky Das. It's my day 3 of Graphology (Advance - Level). Its my pleasure to write this feedback for World School of Handwriting who helped me quenched my thirst for knowledge on Graphology. Understanding the logic with minute details & with real life examples wouldn't have been possible without a good teacher. I heartily thank Varun Sir for being a very good teacher & sharing all kind of examples, knowledge & experience with me. Taking time out from my busy schedule, if I get a chance, will surely try doing other courses available at Globus Talent.

Aditya Wanjari, Student of V.G.Vaze College - 6th November, 2015.

I would first like to share my experience with Mr. Varun Rupani, he's one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met, and as a trainer, his interactive and expressive style is quite effective for doing the job. The course, Basic Graphology Level, is learner friendly and has a lucid language. The notes provided too are useful. It is the interactionist nature of the course that makes it valuable, to speak of it overall.

Oindrilla Pal - Student of B.Des. Textiles from NIFT - 23rd August, 2015

The course was more interesting & exciting, as I presumed it to be. I enjoyed the whole learning process & I am equally happy that I can use my skills presently in my other activities efficiently. Varun Sir is one of the best professors I have studied with till date. The whole course was equally interesting and fun.

Sanjana S. Bhadsavale - Student of Ruia College - 23rd August, 2015

I've always wanted to do a course on graphology and learn the amazing science behind it and now after all these sessions with Varun Sir I am even more amazed with it. Learning something like this fron someone who's so passionate about what he does & teaches is a great experience & indeed I had fun. Very enlightening course, crafted beautifully by the trainers. Globus Talent is really doing a great job.

Manasi Sagar Jeurkar - Home Maker - 21st August, 2015

Yes! It was indeed a beautiful experience learning Graphology from Varun Sir. Friendly Climate & indepth study is what I experienced at the training. By the end of the session there should be case study session, to understand the level of our understanding.

Nikita Garodia - Student of University of Southern California - 14th August, 2015

A very enjoyable and insightful course! It really changes the way you think about handwriting. I really enjoyed the drawing analysis aspects and found the analysis to be very accurate. Varun Sir is an excellent teacher and gives great real life examples to support the theory. He makes the lectures very interesting and stimulates a lot of interest in the subject matter. I thoroughly enjoyed both the courses and learnt a lot.

Kishwar Jahan - Facilitator - 10th August, 2015

Lectures with Varun has been quite interesting. My lecturer over here has been very interactive which is why it helped me to understand the depth of this subject. 
Wish World School of Handwriting & Varun to keep spreading his knowledge across.

Anand Kinikar - Arohi Wellness Centre, Borivali West (Partner), Graphologist, Numerologist, Face Reader - 9th July, 2015

1. Great Appreciation for Varun Sir, for teaching me in a more effective and user friendly way.
2. More insights were put by Varun Sir and his team to make the course complete.
3. The Advance level course completes most of the topics required to be dealt in the Graphology Course.
4. The Advance level Course has made my thinking even more broad.

Shivani Sahu - MBA Student of D Y Patil College - 8th July, 2015

Everything is very good, enjoyed the class. Teaching pattern is very good. I loved the basic session and now I am more interested for the Advance session.

Shraiyash Uniyal - Student of Ruia College - 26th June, 2015

The student mentor is very proficient with the course book and very effective in teaching. Examples are amazing and dramatic. Enjoyed a lot.
Amazing time spent!

Ms. Ramaa Neelakantha Medar - 26th June, 2015

The 'World School of Handwriting' is a unique and dynamic institution which mentors and polishes the best in the students by their unique and variety of courses and with very efficient mentors, specially - Varun Sir.
The insitution is very flexible with its timings, mentoring and making the student understand their concepts clearly. They are very attnetive and provide personal attention towards their students while teaching.
I hope 'GLOBUS TALENT' becomes globally wellknown and make people more talented.

Jemini Haria - Astro Counsellor & REBT Counseller - 22nd June, 2015

My experience with Varun Sir's teaching was awesome. He makes all things so easy for us to understand. In depth learning of each and every word was beyond my imagination. I had never ever thought that our handwriting play such important role in our life. Basic course has made me more excited for the advance course. Looking forward towards advance & amazing teachings of Varun Sir. Thanks a lot sir.

Aarti Shailesh Kumbhar - Banker and Counsellor - 22nd June, 2015

Experience was good. Varun Sir really fabulous. Teaching method is very professional. The best part about this course is we can choose our convenient time.
Thank you Varun Sir.

Riddhi Chawda - Student - 5th June, 2015

World School of Handwriting has given a platform where people can learn handwriting. The trainer Mr. Varun Sir is an excellent person who teaches with great enthusiasm and with a good sense of Humour.
The project at Globus Talent has created an opportunity among students to learn with grace and excel in Handwriting analysis.
Thank you World School of Handwriting for creating an analyst.

Melissa Merlyn Fernandes - Graphic designer, Kuwait - 2nd June, 2015

This course has been an excellent addition to my profile. I had the opportunity to learn from an excellent mentor, Varun Sir. He is extremely good in his work and way of teaching. The whole experience has been fruitful, right from the contents of the course and learning experience with a great teacher who is helpful, friendly and has good knowledge which he is willing to share happily. 

Simran Kaur Saggu – Student of Arts, S.I.E.S. - 23rd May, 2015

I was really interested in the course and happy to join it. I am happy to get the best training class for myself. Varun Sir was very supportive during the sessions. He helped me to clear all my doubts and answered all my questions. It was a really positive and great experience. I am really happy to be a part of this institute. I feel and I wish. I also become successful as like all others in this institute make them proud.

Dhrumi Samir Javeri – Student of Varun Sir :) 02nd May, 2015

I enjoyed studying and learning from Varun Sir. it’s a new experience for me to study graphology. I wanted to learn it since 2 years and I finally got a chance to do it. So I am really happy with this course. I am looking forward to learn the advance course. Thank you! :)

Karishma Iyer – Student of Science stream - 30th April, 2015

The experience is great. It was something I didn’t really decide upon. It is good as the sessions are very interactive, hence not boring. Varun Sir is good and keeps the class atmosphere very light.

Lisha Kapoor – Counsellor in the making – 30th April, 2015

The four sessions with Varun Sir have filled me with fun and heaps of knowledge. Varun Sir is a very learned man with an expertise in many areas. It has been a pleasure to learn this technique from Sir who made it more interesting with his experiences and good humour.

Harrish Sairaman - Founder-Cogniizant Transformation & The Next Dimension - 28th April, 2015

The overall experience has been good, very informative and practical. The future handwriting methods are also wonderful and definitely helps me start using the science with practice.
Thank you very much for the knowledge and learning.
All the best.

Natasha Bharadwaj - Student of Sophia College - 26th April, 2015

I never knew of graphology before I started this course. When I started with this course, from the very first class I was really happy and the content with the way Varun Sir was teaching me. Varun Sir has been a great teacher and the content in the text books are also very classified and precise. I am able to analyze handwritings now and I have started to know more about people. I have got to know about a new science. Thank you!

Mahima Matta - Student of IT - 21st April, 2015

I didn’t expect that the course will be so interesting and it will go with a good flow. All thanks to Varun Sir who taught the course in such a way that a person will gain more and more interest in the course. I am happy and satisfied with the things I have learnt in my graphology class, the best part is sessions goes one on one which helps the student to learn more and better.

Grishma Dedhia - Graphologist - 11th April, 2015

I had my mind wrapped around this wonderful science that could reveal so much about a person just by analyzing their handwriting. I joined W.S.O.H. and it proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. Every session taught me something new and invaluable. It gave me an insight of people and how they project themselves. I have learnt more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. There’s so much more to a person than what we just see and understand.
It taught me to think differently. Varun Sir, you are an excellent teacher. An expert in what you teach, very friendly and a down to earth person.
Your passion, enthusiasm and patience no one can match.
You’ve been very patient throughout the journey solving all my doubts.
Learning graphology from you was fun and blissful experience.
I’m looking forward to the advance levels.  Very few people live the life you do
Living your dreams.
Stay blessed.
And Yeah, Be Original.

Nehal Saraf - 08th April, 2015

It was amazing. Varun Sir really teaches well. The course is very good. It was very convenient as the teacher comes to your place and time also is flexible. I liked this course.

A.V.Santosh - Language & Behavioral Trainer, Personality Analyst - 12th March, 2015

As I am already into personality assessment, I thought a course in Graphology will be an added qualification in my repertoire. Again, I am a behavioural trainer so my expectation from Varun was very high as he is also a trainer. It was beneficial interaction that I had with Varun asking, probing, delving deeper, maybe irritating. However, Varun was always smiling, explaining.
I completed the basic and although Graphology is NOT scientific, I could say there is a science lurking somewhere in it. My DISC reading and what Varun read from my handwriting matches to a very large extent. Today, I can comfortably say YES there is some truth in Graphology. It depends on me to explore further and with Varun to help me, I can take my career places.
Thank you, Varun.

Ramaa Subramaniam - 12th March, 2015

Subject reading handwriting is something very exciting to everyone. Fortunate to connect with world school of handwriting/ graphology.
Content is good, method is superb. Varun Sir’s experience made the topics very interesting.

Swati Pankaj Jadhav - Artist/Employee-Organic Recycling Systems Pvt. Ltd. - 20th February, 2015

It was a great pleasure & unique experience to learn 'Graphology' with Varun Sir. He is very friendly & has lots of patience while teaching. From day one I was very comfortable in learning graphology with Varun Sir. I observed one thing that even if a nervous or a shy person can become comfortable while learning With Varun Sir's teaching.I was just planning of making a profession in Graphology for the past few years. After doing a heavy research online I finally decided to get into graphology course that interests me and Varun Sir made is more simpler & easier while teaching graphology. I learned more things about human personalities & how to deal with different human beings by revealing their handwriting. Varun Sir not only does a job of teaching but he understands the students interests, hobby,likes & dislikes & encourages for the same. The best part I like in every session the first thing we get is a 'Mineral Water' which generally other people don't do or offer and this makes me think that this people think  & take care so much of every student who may have travelled from a long distance. I have never seen such kind of generosity in any institution or organisation. Varun Sir is a gem. Thank you for giving a proper guidance & a way to go ahead.

Saylee Prakash Lad - Housemaker/Teacher - 16th February, 2015

Today I completed my Basic Graphology course, and I am coming back again to do my Advance Graphology course. The sessions were amazing, very educative and communicative. Varun Sir is the best!
He is very co-operative, friendly, and to the ground person. Because of his open-mindedness I could solve most of my queries without hesitation.Thank you all for starting W.S.O.H. as I was keen from many years to learn Graphology and really found one of the best place.

Nishiganda Batwal - Student - MBA (HR) - 19th January, 2015

The day one when I met Varun Sir, with the help of my handwriting sample, he revealed many interesting things and as an unknown person I was in a shock to hear true facts about me. Learning graphology was out of interest and curiosity  but after completing my basics I have gained a confidence and planning to take it as a career.
I had an amazing experience learning Graphology and I thank Varun Sir to make this course easy to understand and not letting my interest drowsed.
It was a great time learning with you and a big thank to W.S.O.H. and a team.

Priyanka Landge - Student of H.R. - 17th January, 2015

I was initially hesitant about taking the course. But once I spoke to Varun Sir, my determination increased. It was fascinating how easily he taught me this vast and complicated subject. He shared his personal experience which made the learning more interesting.
I thank him for his understanding and patience during his classes.
The basic course was really good and interesting. Looking forward to the advanced course as well. Thank you.

Bipinkumar Shah - Chief Manager Vigilence - Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited - 13th January, 2015

It was indeed pleasure to learn graphology from Varun Sir who is expert on the subject matter. From the first session onwards he keeps you glued to the seat and makes the subject interesting. By learning the course I have known myself better and will make an attempt to know others. My compliments to Shri Varun Sir and his dynamic team to their initiatives.

Nupur Rege - Mind Coach, The Next Dimension - 8th January, 2015

It has been an amazing journey, all these sessions. Got to know lot of new perspectives towards a person, and it was very amazing how handwriting can tell you so much about yourself.
Had received satisfying answers to all my queries and doubts during the sessions. Very happy to be trained under Varun Sir for his enthusiasm, knowledge and patience towards me.
Look forward to an amazing experience during the advance level.

Bhavesh Zaveri - DMIT Specialist/Personal Counsellor - 17th November, 2014

I really like the notes and the way Varun Sir teaches, he teaches with ease and gives full time to think and explore on the seat. Frankly I am very much impress with advance level as there are so many small things to judge so that report comes almost 95% accurate. I am really happy with material and teaching method. All my best wishes to your team.
Thank you very much.

Jinal S. Joshi - BMS Student - 15th November, 2014

'Graphology' sounded a bit difficult to learn before I joined WSOH, but from the very first session Varun Sir made it really easy and interesting for me. I always used to get positive vibes while he taught. I eagerly use to wait for the next session so that I can get to learn more about graphology. I am sincerely thankful to Varun sir for his efforts, enthusiasm and patience.

Seema Enand - Representative of Vikhuda Overseas Corporation Limited - India - 15th November, 2014

Super interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and Mr.Varun is a gem of a person and shares knowledge whole heartedly which is usually missing in today's world.
All the best to all.

Dhara Harwani - Senior International Commodity Trader - 17th October, 2014

Was very interesting to learn graphology. What I learned the most is individual session with flexible timings. Varun Sir is a very positive person who keeps a topic or can say keeps one excited about the coming lecture.
My journey to learn graphology was superb!!!
All the best Globus Talent Team.

Shweta S Shinde - School Counsellor and Special Educator - 13th October 2014

I, from the time I have heard about Graphology always wanted to do it as it is very helpful for my profession. I saw the website and immediately called Varun Sir. Basic Graphology is very interesting. It not only helps you to analyze others handwriting but also helps you self - introspect. The class is fun and I am always looking forward for the session. Varun Sir is very helpful, fun and an excellent teacher. He taught us everything in detail with real life examples. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Ekta R Shah - Student of Chartered Accountant - 5th October, 2014

My interest in knowing human psychology and behaviour pushed me towards graphology. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. Each session has been more and more fun with my trainer Varun Sir. I guess his enthusiasm and passion towards graphology just spreads across.

Tejal Shah - HR by Profession - 5th October, 2014

I was very excited at the beginning of the course to learn graphology. I am happy to have enrolled for this course. Completely satisfied with the teaching methodology and the learning I have had. I feel the time duration is the best and the speed at which the learning happened. Thank you for making the learning logical based and simple to understand.

Deepti Neeraj Kulkarni - 25th September, 2014

I have done basic and advance graphology course and I really enjoyed it. Course helped me understand people more accurately.
Varun Sir always encouraged me throughout the course. He always made sure that he clarifies my doubts. He was always open for discussion.
Thank you Varun Sir!

Kalavati Sudhir Kane - 25th September, 2014

I had heard about handwriting analysis and had seen one of my friend doing the same. Her observations were 80 - 85% perfect. Since that day I wanted to do Graphology Course. My search ended at WSOH.
Varun Sir is very good. I enjoyed all my lectures. At the end of the course I am happy that I have learnt so many interesting thing about Handwriting. My good wishes to WSOH.

Foram J. Gala - 24th September, 2014

I've had an amazing experience learning Graphology at the WSOH (Globus Talent). This experience has been very fruitful in getting an insight of others life while analysing their samples.
I thank Varun Sir to make their course so interesting and easy to understand. To begin with flexibility in class timings, planning every class activity systematically, followed by giving good examples of all concepts and explaining them in detail, every bit was upto the mark.
Looking forward to learn all other courses WSOH offers.
Good wishes and luck to WSOH and Varun Sir!
Thank you for all the guidance and support.

Tanay Sanjay Kadam - 17th September, 2014.

Hello Sir,
It was a great time shared with you during the course. Graphology is an amazing art and science to be learned. The valuable support, your personal assistance and knowledge was of great help. Your work is really motivating to others. The project Globus Talent under which you provide students with such different courses is very much interesting. Varun Sir you are an all rounder from my view. You are living your life to its fullest. Because you personally like to do so, that is the key to your success. I wish the project started by you and your team gets extra ordinary response. Being a part of the institute, I wish it should last till the time ends. Thanking You Sir for your assistance.

Unnati Chamadia - 14th August, 2014.

Once I had joined the course, I had assumed it to be a regular class where the teacher teaches the student, student learns and the class is over. But here, I have learnt that's not the end. Varun Sir has been more of a friend who has taught me this course with extreme enthusiasm and not a single moment of boredom. Along with the knowledge of graphology, he has taught me to look at life with a new perception and solve the battles within. Graphology at Globus Talent is something that stays with you forever. It definitely imparted me with a new turn in life towards a better future.

A Special Note from Unnati Chamadia to Varun Sir

Dear Sir,
Thank you for being an inspiration to look at life in a new way and do things I want. It has been an utmost honor to meet you and I can't express my gratitude in words to what changes you have brought in my life. Everyone says that "you should be the change you want to see". Well, you were the one who actually made me realize that with the right decisions and choices, I can bring that in my life. Intentionally or unintentionally, you have taught me so many things that if given sometime, I can definitely make an endless list. Thank you once again for being there and always lending a patient ear.

Capt. Ajay Kr. Pandey - Regional Manager CSR & Security, Africa - 11th August, 2014.

'Graphology' sounded very interesting and then I realized it will help me professionally during my investigation. The course was excellent, very interesting. I felt that I am discovering myself and that made me believe on this scientific approach to a person's handwriting. I have been through the basics and looking forward to advance stages. I am sure I will pursue and improve my skills on this. Varun as a trainer, as a person, is 'Awesome'. He is passionate about what he does and the spirit is infectious. Thank you Varun for taking all the pain for my schedules.

Naina S. Kalia - DMIT Counsellor - 18th July, 2014

The term graphology had interested me when I came across and Varun Sir kept up my interest level. The sessions were very interesting. The way and approach was very friendly. He explained everything very nicely with examples. I learnt a lot during the course. He was always available to solve and clarify all my doubts. He is good by nature and makes the opposite person comfortable. I enjoyed the 4 sessions of my basic graphology course.

Y. Pushyapradipti - Engineering student - 11th July, 2014

Thank you for establishing World School of Handwriting. A very good place, trainer and courses you provide to the students. Varun Sir is really a good tutor. The way of teaching is very good, you feel at home...comfortable, can speak to him freely. Always there for guiding and solving doubts. Graphology as a course is wonderful and especially when the teaching part is so good, it becomes much more interesting. Fees part is also good, but it would be better if we are given offers.
Overall the best place for learning such courses. I am really thankful.

Tripti Gupta - Teacher in Amity International School - 12th June, 2014

My trainer's name is Varun Sir. He made me extremely comfortable at the time of the class. He made the class enjoyable and explained all the content very briefly and in a proper manner. He is a very happy person and with his positive attitude, we could complete our class with interest.
I enjoyed the class and it was really a fun to do this class. I am so thankful to Varun Sir to teach me this course.

Rakhi Wadhwani - Nagpur - Fashion designer, Teacher - 5th June, 2014

This feedback is for thanking you for the worthful knowledge which we have learnt from you. It was a wonderful experience we had in learning Graphology. I am glad to join this course and learning different things, hopefully will plan to join the other different courses shortly. Thanks for everything!!!
Varun Sir you are a vert friendly person. It was more fun in learning it because of you.
This was one of the BEST COURSE by the best professor!

Apoorva Naidu - Nagpur - Teacher - 5th June, 2014

As I am handwriting Improvement teacher I was interested in learning Graphology. All thank to Varun Sir for teaching us so well and keeping the flow of interest the same from start till end. I learned so many things and got to know how to improve on myself. A special thank to Sir for ignoring our late comings. Thanks for all the help and support. Will miss you Sir. Thanks once again. God bless you. Stay blessed.

Harveen Bachher - 21st May, 2014

The course graphology is great, very informative and interesting as well. My trainer Varun Sir is an excellent trainer and a very nice human being. Learnt many things from this course and my trainer and need to practice a lot.
Good wishes for World School of Handwriting and Varun Sir.

Vantika Sinha - 1st May, 2014

Very interesting! Very engaging!
Deep information and knowledge.
Varun Sir is very friendly, very knowledgeable, fun.
Looking forward to doing more courses here.

Reetu Kantawala - Tarot Reader - 16th April, 2014

It was very inspiring and interesting course. I thoroughly enjoyed and gained valuable insights. My teacher Varun Sir was very encouraging and helpful. He has taught basic and advance graphology to me and I am sincerely thankful to him for his efforts and patience. He is very dedicated and I wish him and World School of Handwriting all the very best in future. It was a great pleasure learning under him.

Cynthia Roche - Teacher - 13th April, 2014

This course fulfilled the expectation I had when I signed up for it with Varun Sir as the trainer. His teaching style, cheerful attitude and approachability made the course enjoyable to study and also it has empowered me with a valuable tool to help understand people and gently guide people to understand themselves.  As a teacher I find it immensely useful.
Thank you Sir. God bless.

Namrata A. Pahuja - Housewife - 11th April, 2014

Graphology is a very interesting course.  It reveals many interesting things about the writer which was not known earlier (before the course). It also helps us knowing some negative aspects if any (in us or others) and correcting for better results.
Learning with our trainer (Varun Sir) is fun, full of energy and always waiting for next class to know more details of Graphology.  Time flies in his class very fast. Thanks to him we are learning with enjoyment and eagerness of the subject.
Thank you.

Kriti M. Pahuja - Student -11th April, 2014

Course was fun and thoroughly enjoyed learning. Looking forward to learn the advance one also. Way of teaching is also good. Got more knowledge about Graphology.
Thank you so much.

Manasi A. Londhe - Housewife & a Professional - 9th April, 2014

The course was very informative and the trainer explained it very well. It was great to be with Globus Talent and also looking forward for a great relationship with Globus Talent ahead. Thank you for all your valuable time and information sharing. Thank you once again.

Deepak Sahani - Emirates Airlines, Dept - Emirates Group Security - 20th March, 2014

A very good experience of learning Graphology.  ( Handwriting and Signature Analysis). Thanks to Varun Sir to make it so interesting and easy in helping me to understand the actual meaning and importance of Graphology.  
Varun Sir is very co-operative, gives good examples, makew things very easy to understand.  He adjusted his timings according to our convenience.
Thank you very much Varun Sir and team for the support and motivation.
Also special thanks to Asha.

Tanvi Sahani - Student - 20th March, 2014

It was a very very nice experience learning Graphology.  Varun is an amazing sir and he made graphology even more interesting with his examples and his sense of humour. Varun helped us in understanding the actual meaning of graphology in a better way and its importance.  He is a great trainer just like family. I wanted to Thank him for his support and for motivating me in every way. Thank you Varun you are the best and stay the way you are.

Kshitij Kulkarni - 16th March, 2014

It was nice to get things learn from World School of Handwriting.  The subject has already struck my mind many a times as a very astonishing and great science but World School of Handwriting made me believe that the science was very easy and can be learned easily if trained and guided properly. I thank the whole team of World School of Handwriting for their support.

Raj Malkani - Businessman - 16th March, 2014

The experience has been very fruitful in getting an insight of others life while analysing the scripts. It has brought about a deeper understanding of other people and in what way they project themselves. The experience of so much difference in samples of handwriting has amazed me.
The trainer Mr. Varun himself is good at explaining the things and been a very patient and thorough with his knowledge and even while imparting to the students he gives it all, in fact he does not hold back anything to himself.
To gain the experience you have to be with whatever he explains. He can explain in the way you want to understand.
The proof of the pudding is in eating and experiencing it.

Priyanka Shinde - Asst. Manager Hr, Supreme Petrochem Ltd - 12th January, 2014.

Since the beginning I was very curious about Graphology as a concept. While joining the course too, I was a little unsure but my tutor, Varun, made it a point that each class of Graphology, becomes interesting. The way and approach of teaching a concept like Graphology is really made interesting as well as believable.

The sessions were not just educating but they give insight toward self and also personalities of different kind of people.

I thank Varun and his whole team for such a good learning experience.

Mrs. Ritu Dani - Teacher at RBK School, Mira Road - 5th January, 2014.

My trainer is Mr. Varun who is really an excellent teacher who can teach as well as encourage a teacher. This course is amazing because the handwriting of different people speaks a lot about their behavior and characteristics. This course has also helped me in a way that I have learnt traveling all alone, which I had never done before.

Grishma Sarangdhar - Self-Employed - 2nd January, 2014.

Basic Graphology is very interesting to learn. I had a faint idea about what Graphology actually is but with the basic course, I have understood the interesting details in it. I never knew there is so much since science involved in our handwriting. It helped me to understand people close to me as well as myself. Varun Sir explains all the details with various examples so that the basics are very clear to a student. I have enjoyed my 5 sessions of Basic Graphology thoroughly.

Shreya Jain - Student -12th December, 2013.

This course is as great as it sounds. Its very interesting and knowledgeable. Its fun. Looking forward to learn advance graphology and the trainer Varun Sir makes it all the more interesting. Its been a pleasure learning from him. Looking forward to learn Face Reading too.

Arshia Saraf - Student - 12th December, 2013

The course has given me a great experience. It has opened a lot of gates to explore. The best part was getting a positive feedback on analyzing a third person’s handwriting. Varun Sir has been an amazing teacher. He was more like a friend to us. His ways of teaching made graphology a fun course to learn. I am looking forward to the advance course and face reading. I have a lot of expectations from them.

Navya Sharan - Student - 11th December,2013

It was a wonderful experience learning Graphology under Varun sir. He makes learning fun and memorable.  Since Graphology was something new for me, getting a grasp over it initially,  was slightly difficult. But over the various sessions, it became easier under sir's guidance. Looking forward to do some more courses under Varun sir.

Saachi Arora - Student of Psychology, Jai Hind College - 8th December, 2013.

It has been a great experience learning about Basic Graphology. It has been difference since I have not joined such a course before. Its been a pleasure learning it from Varun Sir. He is amazing at teaching this. It was very Interesting. I have become a good analyser because of him.

I am really excited now and looking forward to learning Advance Graphology and Face Reading.

Juhi Bhatia - 5th December, 2013.

It was very wonderful learning Graphology. I am very much impressed with this course as well as getting a good response from family and friends is a cherry on the cake. My experience learning this course turned out exactly the same as Varun Sir told. I am very happy as well as very excited to go for Advance graphology as well as perhaps more courses under “Globus Talent”.


Thank you so much for being so cooperative and patiently teaching us.

Punit Bhambhani - 4th December, 2013.

I was very curious about graphology and my trainer was very good in graphology, his name is Varun Sir. I remember I had doubts about whether I should do this course or not and he cleared my doubts on the first day of meeting itself. I have completed my first course of Basic Graphology and it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to start my Advance Course. Varun Sir is very cooperative and patient with us. I think I couldn’t have learnt from the best in the business today.

Jill Deliwala - Student - 25th November, 2013.

Graphology as a subject is really very interesting and fun. It is very exciting when you come to know a lot about people without actually conversing with them. Varun Sir is a great teacher and he always shares his experience and ideas with us. This course has taught me a lot. It was a really great experience.

Priyal deliwala - Student - 25th November, 2013.

It was really very interesting and fun studying graphology. I was very surprised when I could actually co-relate to people’s nature and attitude to their handwriting analysis result. Varun Sir is a great teacher and shared a lot of experience of his and thus was a great learning experience. Graphology as a subject has taught me a lot of things which will help me to improve myself wherever I am lacking.

Tanvi Sanghvi - Owner of Print On & A Graphologist - 5th November,2013

Varun Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching me this wonderful art. I was so curious to know so much about everything as an anxious student but you satisfied my anxiety in a very simple and in such a way that it simply answered all my questions. It has been a wonderful journey as a teacher and a student. It felt more as a friend as you did not teach me 2 + 2 = 4....but you taught be the art of identifying people.

Thank you for even developing so much of interest in this course as now I have even taken it up as a career. Thank you for guiding me so well.

Mrs. Sumedha Sardessai - Professional Tarot Card Reader - Mumbai, 25th October,2013

It was a wonderful experience learning Graphology. Knowledge of Graphology has really helped me in knowing what is the true character of a person and their public image. Thanks Varun Sir for guidance and sharing your knowledge. All the best for the future projects.

Miss. Gagandeep Bhatti - Counsellor by Profession - Mumbai, 22nd August,2013

Learning is an experience that could stay for lifetime if its taught the way one understands the best. And so it was with W.S.O.H, with teacher like Varun who connects and understand every individuals needs and teaches in a way that learning is simple and leaves no void for doubts. And if any doubts; are answered as many times you want.

Learning under teacher like him, will not only develop you as a Graphologist buy also improvise your personal growth.

Mr. Hemant Digwal - Mech. Engineering Student at BITS Billani, Dubai - Mumbai, 20th August,2013

I am very much impressed by the course. I wasn't a believer of Graphology, as I didn't know on what basis of study you could tell so much about the characteristics of  person. I would like to thank my teacher Varun who seems very passionate about this study. Amazing Experience. I shall practice to master and use it efficiently in later future.

Miss. Juhi Bhagat - Student of Psychology - Mumbai, 18th August,2013

I was curious about Graphology from the beginning. And Varun Sir made sure that I don't lose my enthusiasm. He made the teaching and learning process so much fun. He has been an amazing teacher and more than that, a very good friend. Learning Graphology has been a wonderful experience for me and I give all the credit to Varun Sir :)

Mrs. Prachi Ritesh Bhagat - Teacher by Profession - Mumbai, 1st June,2013

The Graphology course I joined was quite interesting. It taught me practical things. The course was not theoritical at all. The format of the Basic Course, the workbook style is very user friendly. This format enables easy interaction between the students and the teacher. I was quite apprehensiv about the duration of the course but the three hours would fly by in a jiffy. As a teacher, the course will be immensely useful to me for helping my students. My teacher, Varun Sir, is younger than me. I like his exuberance. You can see the passion with which he teaches. Never ever have I seen him taking shortcuts while teaching us. (A teacher recognises these things about other teachers). I have yet to meet a person who is as multi-talented as he is.

Miss Aditi Avanish Gautam - Student of Law - Mumbai, 1st June,2013

To me, Graphology was always something that aroused curiosity whenever I heard of it. So to make the most of my vacations this year, I decided to learn Graphology. From the beginning, Varun Sir helped me all the way with the details of the course to explaining it to my mother its benefits & ultimately convincing her to let me do it. My experience in learning this course turned out exactly how Varun Sir had told me in the starting & till the completion of the class it was never a boring class. The friendly atmosphere & Varun Sir's teaching helped me complete the course without any difficulty. This has by far been one of the nicest things I have learnt!!

Miss Kamna Bhatia - Surat, Gujarat - 25th May,2013

Trainer was wonderful in teaching Graphology. Wonderful experience. Learnt many things about which not even thought of would be a part of the course. I wish to learn advance graphology too need to wait for next break from the job. Thanks to Globus Talent team and World School of Handwriting team for giving me an opportunity to learn Graphology especially at my own place and convenience.
Thanks a lot!!

Maitreyi Bhatia, Student - Mumbai - 20th May,2013

It was lots of fun. Varun Sir is very nice & patient. He is very passionate about what he does & has created an interest amongst us.

Kunashni Parikh - Student - Mumbai - 20th May,2013

So much fun. I just learnt so much. Best part of my summer. I learnt a lot! Thanks Varun Sir! He is very understanding and knowledgeable.
All the best!!

Dharni Amit Gupta - HR by Profession, Navi Mumbai - 4th April, 2013

I had learnt under Varun Sir, this is amazing experience. Analysis of Handwriting is great. Its like a magic when you analyse the handwriting of a person and tell them what kind of a person he/she is. I just love doing this. Thanks to Varun Sir to make me understand the concepts and clarifying my doubts.

Miss. Bhavani Chandrasekaran - Student of Psychology-Mumbai, 1st March,2013

The sessions were always interactive and fun. its was really interesting to know that letters could tell so much about a person having my friends around just made the whole experience a joy ride. our sir had i am sure put more than enough efforts to teach us graphology which made learning very easy

Miss Akshita Momaya - Student of Psychology- Mumbai, 28th Feb,2013

It felt great to learn this new form of science i.e. graphology.It helped me to realize my weaknesses and strengths. It also proved effective to have a better understanding of the persons around was a great fun to learn this art.every session of graphology  not only enthralled us with new revelations but it also made us more inquisitive to delve deeper in this field. The teaching techniques used by out tutor Varun Sir made the session more interesting and enjoyable. his mode of teaching boosted our interest and helped sustain our enthusiasm. looking forward for more interesting and enjoyable sessions of advance graphology.

Miss Reema Mehta - Student of B.A., Mumbai, 1st January,2013

The course was of great help and it was amazing of how the trainer's blend and create a friendly environment so that the learner is allowed to connect & develop better understanding towards the subject. Flexibility, also is a great add on for the students.

Miss Siddi Shah- Article Assistant at Savant & Co, Mumbai,9th December,2012

Graphology as a course was a superb experience as we got to know so many things about every writer and even some secrets about ourselves. Learning with Varun Sir was just amazing!! He is very friendly and makes everything easy to understand. Learning Graphology was a different experience all together.

Miss Charmy Shah - Student of BAF, Mumbai, 9th December,2012

Learning Graphology was a great experience. It has helped to understand people in a better way. And having Varun Sir as a professor was fun. He makes the things go in our head my actually understanding the logic behind the study. He has lot of patience while teaching. Overall learning this course was an awesome experience.

Mrs. Jyoti Chitambare - HR by Profession, Mumbai, 28th October,2012

When I decided to join this course, I thought of learning it as a hobby but now I would love to take it as a career. I would love to learn further and go for the advance course after I practice the Basic Graphology. I really love Varun's approach. His teaching technique is really very good. It was not just theory but fun mixed with knowledge sharing. Thanks to World School of Handwriting for giving me valuable knowledge and a teacher like Varun. Thank you and thanks alot to Varun!!!!

Mrs. Shweta Murarka - Housewife cum Business Woman, Mumbai, 27th October,2012

The course of Graphology has been very interesting and enlightening. It has been better than what I had imagined it to be. Not a single boring moment and it became more interesting as it progressed. I had not imagined h handwriting to reveal so many aspects of life and so accurately. All in all a good experience and looking forward to doing the advance course

Miss. Manjula Kamath (Profession - HR), Mumbai, 14th October,2012.

Great Experience. The profession is good and does not run fast to complete. He showed his interest in what he did and so it was fun learning the Basic Graphology Level. He guided me well during the practice sessions. Looking forward to successfully complete the basic and the advance level graphology with the guidance of Varun.

Mr. Ashwin Acharya, Mumbai, 02nd October,2012.

I was always curious to learn how handwriting can tell details about a person which he himslf may not be aware of, and World School of Handwriting was a reliable platform which helped me understand this art with ease. The notes provided were very simple and easy to understand, yet accurate. I thank the faculty for their expert guidance and support.

Miss. Neha Brahmbhatt, Mumbai, 14th July,2012.

I have always looked at Graphology as a form of science and doing this course, helped me understand it with much depth. Its surprising how you notice those minute details in your writing & realize how truthfully they describe who you are. Every handwriting I read, its like getting to know a new person all together. This course has definitely fulfilled the same purpose for me. Looking forward to start the advanced course. Thank you.

Dr. Swapna Patil, Mumbai, 14th April,2012.

I really enjoyed Graphology course thoroughly. I could see lot of points about myself & people around me which I could not have understood before. Now when I write things I try to incorporate the good points and improvise on my shortcomings.

And, obviously, can't think of how to thank Varun. Awesome teacher, good natured human being, fun to talk with. All I can say, had a great time. Thanks to him.