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In Graphology, Handwriting is Brain-writing.

It is basically the brain expressing itself by hand. The handwriting of each and every person has a combination of hundreds of different symbols and strokes which mirror the writer’s emotions, desires…

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Graphology Book!

Please visit the online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam or Notion Press to grab a copy today. The book is also available on the International platforms of Amazon.

Here are some quick lin…

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'Print' handwriting?

A handwriting where letters appear to be disconnected is called as the print handwriting. Graphologists refer to this as 'Printing'. The co-joint letters in handwriting give insights on how we con…

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How to Practice Graphology with others?

For Practicing Graphology, join World Graphology Forum

Join the World Wide Discussion on Handwriting & Signature Sample every week. The best part is, its Free!!! There are no charges to join W…

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